Stephane Morin Sports Agency

The Agence Stéphane Morin is a sales representative company for outdoor and leisure products. Its goal is to promote products that will make unforgettable experiences happen, and help people adopt a healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle. Three distinct functions have pushed this company to the top of representative companies:

Development and representation of brands in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes
Specially trained staff who provide ongoing customer service
Out-of-the-ordinary relationships it builds with its clients


From clothing to bicycles, as well as snowshoes, camping gear and a large selection of footwear, the agency’s aim is to offer quality products to its clients. As well, authentic sales representatives offer genuine, personalized support to their clients, adding value to their business.


Since 2010, the agency has developed its representative structure in Eastern Canada: Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. In August of 2014, the company established its office in Laval.


Stéphane Morin has been working in the distribution of outdoor and leisure equipment for a wide variety of businesses since 1988. His adventure as an independent businessman began on October 1, 1993 with the founding of his own agency, Les Agences Stéphane Morin Inc. Over the course of the last twenty years, the agency has become a reference in the field of outdoor and leisure equipment distribution.


The role of the agency is to ensure that a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers are represented, and to promote the sale of quality products to sport and outdoor retailers in Canada.


Ever since the beginning of the company, it has continued to distinguish itself with its ever-increasing spectrum of products from reputed suppliers. And today, a motivated team works closely with its clients, helping them to optimize their performance and increase their sales.