ASM Ambassadors

Zoe Beauchemin

My name is Zoe Beauchemin and I am a 20-year old competitive rock climber. I started climbing 6 years ago and have since moved from BC to Montreal in order to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and to continue to push myself in this rock climbing in competition and outdoors. I started climbing 6 years ago and have since been able to climb at crags across Canada, meet an entire community of adventurers, and to compete at the 2017's Youth World Championships in Austria. You can find me training at any of the gyms across Montreal, teaching intro courses at Allez Up, brainstorming the next Marketing campaign at OnSite, or touring the newest coffee shop in the city 🙂

Erinn Locke

Growing up in Newfoundland I’ve always been surrounded by beautiful rocky landscapes, I loved climbing them, hiking them, and skiing on them when it snowed. As a kid I would always get caught trying to climb maybe a little higher than I should have, as I’m sure most of us have. I always wanted to go further, climb higher, and explore longer, so when I learned that rock climbing was a sport I couldn’t have been happier.So I took my climbing indoors and started competing in competitions right away, I fell in love with competition climbing and have been competing for about ten years now. I was the first Newfoundlander to go to nationals, and it was shortly after that that I started climbing with Scarpa. At this point in my career I’ve climbed across the country, both outdoor and in, and am excited to see what the future has in store for me. The other big part of my climbing life is coaching, I’m an ACMG certified climbing instructor and I love having the opportunity to teach others the intricacies of the sport and introducing them to things they never knew they were capable of. Rock climbing is a beautiful sport, from the landscapes, the freedom, the discoveries, and the community. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing.

Pierre Charbonneau

After years of competition in freestyle skiing, Pierre put the ski on pause for several years. This break allowed Pierre to focus on photography and tourism in Western Canada and the United States. After a while, the return to skiing was done naturally with the patrol, the Massif de Charlevoix and Jasper. With experience in first aid and avalanche control, Pierre returned to Quebec accepting the position of chief guide at the Chic-Chocs Mountain Inn, where after 3 years, he accepted a management position in Montreal. the SÉPAQ.

During these many years at SÉPAQ, Pierre continued to climb and ski, among others in Western Canada (Rogers Pass, Wapta & Columbia Icefield, Mt. Lefroy, Bugaboo's, Donjek trek), Bolivia, Chile, Argentina or elsewhere in the world. Pierre is ambassador for DPS skis since 2015.

Jean-Francois Girard

The years of outer exploration have led me to introspection, to the inner world. I went to the height of man through the tops and icy cliffs. Climbing is the medium that inhabits my thoughts and my soul if I can express myself in this way. There is not a day without me being able to project myself to the heights. I have been climbing for almost 20 years already and I won't see the time passing by until I will cut the rope. I practice more mixed climbing than rock climbing. Paradoxically, they might think I prefer winter art, but in fact I have made it my discipline for lack of time.

My job as a pruner takes warm seasons and leaves me cold season. Some say that you have to be of your time and taken to the words my time is winter! I went through many of our classics and I also sailed between them by opening more than 75 routes, I took days to walk and ski the territory to find these dripping and frozen pearls. And without a shadow of a doubt I will continue the vertical adventure in search of what puts in gestures and sensations what weaves in my mind.

Marie-Michelle L'italienne

Just to introduce myself, I am 30 years old, coming from Quebec City and working as a critical care cardiology nurse. I am a passionate sports and outdoor girl, but especially a climbing enthusiast. Although I mainly focus on the block, I love all styles of climbing. It all started 6 years ago, when my date brought me to try the block.

I remember telling him that '' it was really fun, but it will never be my sport ''. Today, ironically, I am part of the female elite climbing block and all my travel destinations are chosen according to the climbing sites that I want to try. I became completely addicted to this sport for a multitude of reasons:

The intellect of sport: How to solve a block problem? What to do technically and physically to succeed in increasingly difficult problems? What a satisfaction to succeed a block after having worked, to finally chained to perfection. A community of fire: The climbers are ultra friendly people always ready to help each other. No matter the gym or the climbing spot, even in another country, you feel this connection with people who trip as much as you in this sport.Climbers are passionate! I always have the impression that our conversations could last for hours, and even if the subject is a single block of not even 2 meters high. Experience: There is always a way to overcome climbing. The challenge can be mental as well as physical. For example, the blocker I was out of his comfort zone last summer to succeed 5.12 outside. Developing my stamina was not easy, but joy and pride afterwards were worth the effort.

Amazing landscapes: No, but! Look in Google Siurana, Smith Rock or even Kamouraska and you will understand. Climbing allows you to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes that the planet has to offer. The competition: I love the competition! The atmosphere, the fighting spirit to succeed, the mutual help between the competitors and the dedication of the organizers, the openers and the volunteers, is electrifying. Also, being part of a team, it is trainer and motivating! It allows you to constantly excel with people around you who have the same passion for this sport. I think it's a perfect environment to grow and go beyond its limits. Finally, I am very happy that my date made me discover climbing. Who knows, maybe that's why we're still together today and we're waiting (fingers crossed) for a future climber. Other challenges to come!

François Lemieux

Adventurer, extreme sports enthusiast and guide. Proud ambassador to the Stéphane Morin agency for more than 4 years. Sport is not just a game, but a way of life. Ice climbing guide since 2013, all my winters are dedicated to the teaching of this sport as well as to my personal adventures.

I live in the city of Quebec, my favorite playground to give my classes are the Montmorency Falls located 10 minutes from downtown. I also work as a representative for the company Xalibu ski. In the summer I guide for Vélo Québec Voyage, I accompany groups of Quebecers abroad, who seeks to discover new horizons by bike. In my free time I like challenges and here is a little list:

  • From 2007 to 2011 I climbed more than 50 mountains in Western Canada.
  • 2012 I started my first bike trip and complete the Cross Canada between Vancouver and St. John for 89 days, 8000 km.
  • 2014 I crossed it from Romania, Bulgaria to Istanbul by bike.
  • 2015 The Guidon Road Expedition: A North / South US crossover bike ride from Seattle to Key West in 112 days, 8000 km.
  • 2016 I'm doing a North TransAltlantique sailing from Halifax to St. Martin.
  • 2017 I hiked down the Grand Canyon rafting for 21 days.
  • 2018 I am attempting an expedition to Mount Denali (not completed)
Nicolas Vouillamoz

Block, track, multipitch, granite, limestone, sandstone, volcanic, adventure, performance, "life style" ... I like everything about climbing. Passionate since my 16 years, I have this desire to climb up to more than 70 years. It is above all the versatility that I seek in climbing, to be good in everything!! There is of course also the travel and being able to share our accomplishments, laugh and grow with this community so passionate ... I chose, arriving in Quebec to make indoor climbing my work.

Outside, I keep it as a play field. After being very involved in climbing competitions in France, coaching and especially the opening led me to the other side of the curtain and allowed me to realize a dream: to live by his passion. The most beautiful '' trip '' among others, but the one which I will remember for a long time: the Valle Encantado earthen Argentina. A site that is well named: enchanting!

Véronique Gosselin

Climber, economics teacher, doctoral student in the field of physical activity I started rock climbing in 2001. Since then, I climbed mountains, cliffs and blocks in about fifteen different countries and explored climbing. sporty, traditional, mountain and block. From the cliff of Tsaranoro, in Madagascar, to the Hueco Tanks, to the mountains of Ecuador, I am always amazed by the beauty of the places I visit and the people I meet.

Five years ago, I decided to put more energy into improving myself as a climber and athlete, and the competition seemed to help me improve myself, push my limits and recognize my weaknesses. My passion also led me to appreciate the beauty of the spaces and the community in my region and to get involved, especially by sitting on the board of directors of the Quebec Federation of Mountain Climbing and as a volunteer. for ProgressionMTL, a community climbing initiation project. The values ​​that motivate me in my passion: learning, sharing and surpassing myself, push me to balance my personal climbing challenges and my involvement in the community: I draw my motivation.

Stephanie Dessureault

I started climbing 5 years ago. At first it was more recreational, but for 2 years I participated in the competitive circuit of Quebec Cups and Nationals for the block and the track.

Outside of the competitive season, I travel, which allows me to discover new climbing sites. In the summer, I prefer to take advantage of the Quebec climate to explore, with my van, all the climbing sites that our beautiful province has to offer. As for other seasons, where climbing is less favorable in Quebec, I take the opportunity to probe what other countries have offered us! My latest climbing discoveries have been: Hawaii (Oahu), Thailand (Tonsai and Railay) and Greece (Kalymnos). In the next few months I also planned to visit Texas (Hueco tanks) and South Africa (Rockland)

I had the chance to go on a 6-month long journey, where at the wheel of my van, I explored the different sites across Canada and the United States. I was able to climb Squamish, Skahabluff (Western Canada), Smith rock, Yosemite, Bishop, Joshua tree (California), Denver (Utah), Golden, boulder (Colorado) and Red river gorge (Kentucky)

My few outdoor climbing successes this summer, I did a 12C "the Ginseng" flash and a 5.12 A / b "shaggin wagon" at Shagg crag in Maine. I also did a 5.12A "Ro shampo" onsight in Kentucky, a 5.12A "Cherub" send and an "impossible" Send V8 to Smuggle Notch. I have some other exploits, of which I can not give name or rank, since they were in sites still in development! 🙂

Climbing fascinates me, but I strongly advocate multisport and variety! I believe that all sports can bring a plus to every practice.

So, despite all this, I continue to run on a trail, go mountain biking, surf, yoga and many more!

Alexandre Vézina

I practice mountain skiing for several years especially in the chic-shock. From a young age I slipped on skis and competed before turning to snowboarding during my teenage years in the 90s. After two years of provincial competition I continued snowboarding only for the first time. pleasure. Several years later, I spent a winter in the French Alps working and boarding in the mountains every day. When I returned to Quebec, I could not find any more pleasure in boarding in the Quebec ski center. That's when I went back to the skis. This time in Telemark I discovered during a training in adventure tourism and ecotourism. Telemark has brought me to the chic-choc, or I discovered our wonderful mountains of Quebec.

It was during these years that the idea of ​​making skis came to me in collaboration with Maxime Bolduc now co-owner of Xalibu skis with me. So, telemark I migrated to mountain skiing for the pleasure of skiing and the challenges of steep and untouched slopes. Since 2012 Outdoor Research and Scarpa are important partners for the company and for us personally as we enjoy quality equipment. This makes it possible to practice our sport with greater pleasure. We hope to meet on the slopes of Mont-Comi, during a demo of our skis or somewhere in the wonderful Chic-Chocs.

Éric Gagné

I became very addicted to the practice of very early winter sports when my father and my grandfather introduced me to the pleasure of skiing. At 17, I was already teaching in the lower Laurentians. I work since in the ski industry and continue to share my passion for winter and trails.

During the winter of 1993-94, my feet put on their very first pair of telemark boots, the Scarpa Terminator, the plastic model. It was a revelation. The transition to telemark has opened a new world, with alpine trekking to discover new heights and, above all, the feeling of freedom that comes from edging with the free heel. So, it's been more than 25 years since my alpine ski equipment took the road to retirement.

My passion for telemark led me to become a member of the Quebec team and then to play on the World Cup circuit. Involved with Telemark Quebec for many years, I am currently President of Telemark Canada.

The outdoors and the gliding activities always fascinate me. I renewed more intensely with the alpine hike with the advent of new equipment lighter and powerful with thirty outings in the winter of 2018-2019. This sport integrates perfectly the cardio, the surpassing of oneself, the freedom and, of course, the love of the glide on snow. I prepare myself between the seasons by running in the mountain trails with my race club.

Today, I feel privileged to be part of the Scarpa ambassadors’ team and proud to have been in the first followers of this brand.