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Mark Smith

-2 describing sentences: Rock Climbing: When I am teaching new people or those excited to improve their climbing through techniques or training. When I am teaching new comers their first class ever rock climbing. When I am on the rocks, climbing in any style...indoors,outdoors, traditional ,bouldering, doesn't matter which...

Climbing has been my passion for the last 19 years, I eat, sleep, and breath it everyday. Honestly, I still wake up excitedly, ready to contribute, learn, grow and share this amazing activity with everyone around me!

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Most memorable Achievement…

There is a route that I had first heard about and got to see in an issue of gripped magazine, Sonnie Trotter had just completed the 35m pitch Titan 5.14a, at Lion’s head Ontario. It was the first confirmed 5.14a in Ontario and one of only a few in all of Canada at the time. It had stopped several strong climbers in their tracks while trying to free it. I remember reading the article at a movie screening and focusing on every word intently while my friends and I waited for a movie to begin. Then... one sentence triggered something in me that would start in motion a huge goal for my climbing future. The sentence read “and this is last rest before the really hard crux protecting the top of the route. Unless you have a skinny little ass, you can forget about doing this route!” and so….my obsession began…I will do this route...I will find a way…It took just under 4 years and just over 80 tries for me to successfully climb Titan. That magical day was warm, but there was enough a cool wind in just the right direction off the water. After showing some new friends some of the amazing routes Lion’s Head had to offer, I warmed up on my favorite route and felt ready…I told my friends that it had wanted to give this route a try before it got too hot. It’s crazy to think…Going from falling on every single move of this route when first trying it… to doing small chunks of it… too eventually doing sections year by year… it was an amazing journey and I learned subtle new things with every try. I knew… even before I could do all the moves… that somehow… someway... I would climb it! Deep down, it was more than just getting to the top without falling that I set as my goal. I wanted to finesse this climb, float up it, make it look effortless… a direct contrast to the 4 years of constant effort and training that I had put into it….That fateful day, it happened and in the style I wanted, it felt easy and every move flowed into the next like a well-rehearsed dance. Since that day, there has been longer term climbing projects in my life and harder routes completed… but that route, Titan, the first of my 5.14’s, was very special…my big… 217lb ass found a way to the top!

Joë Layno

I am the General Manager of Aspire Climbing in Milton, ON Canada. I've been climbing for over 20 years. As a former national level competitor and American League of Forerunners national level route setter, I've influenced some of the top climbers and developed some of the top route setters in the country. I am passionate about introducing new climbers to the beauty of this sport and developing the next generation of influencers, ambassadors, coaches and routesetters. I am fortunate to have the backing of an amazing new state-of-the-art facility, a fantastic team and the support of top brands like Rockwerx Canada and Scarpa.